Discussion club “xeNOphobia 2.0”

We invite representatives of different ages, nationalities, religion and gender to participate in our creative and educational activities on the fight against xenophobia in Latvia

What is xenophobia?

What are its consequences?

What do we say to our children, how do we teach them to interact with others, such different people?

How can we reduce the manifestations of xenophobia in our lives?

We invite active residents of Riga and Latvia from different ethnic, social, national and cultural groups to discuss this important problem together and look for solutions. Creative ideas, creativity and an open mind to new solutions – this is what we meet with you!

Every Thursday at the T30 club from 19:00 – 21:00

Discussion club AND CREATIVE WORKSHOPS “xeNOphobia 2.0”

Riga, Tallinn 30

t. 29467064

Free admission

During the break: coffee break with a treat

The project “xeNOphobia 2.0” is financed by the European Solidarity Corps, which is administered by the Agency for International Youth Programs in Latvia. This publication reflects only the opinion of the author and the Commission is not responsible for any possible use of the information indicated here.
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