Unusual and fun birthday parties-quests in an amazing atmosphere of magic and timelessness



quests devoted to topics from various historical eras, possibly with images of characters who actually lived in those days. Children will not only fall into interesting adventures, but also learn new historical facts about the era of the chosen quest, about chemistry, types of weapons in accordance with the era, etc.

  • The Middle Ages, the times of knights and dragons, 9-15 centuries.
  • times of the Alchemists and Druids
  • pirate adventure, cool 1700s
  • Jules Verne and Conan Doyle era, 19th century
  1. The secret of the treasures of the Templars.

Children will go to the Middle Ages, to the dungeon of the knight’s castle, where a good ghost lives – the ghost of a knight. The ghost will help the children unravel the secret of the castle, go through all the trials of the crusade, find the monster guarding the treasures and defeat him. For children 7 to 14 years

2. Alchemist and Dragon Egg. The medieval laboratory of the alchemist. The ancient alchemist needs help. He wants to find a dragon egg to get a philosopher’s stone, but for this he needs to go through a difficult path and many trials. He cannot do without assistants. During the game, children will participate in chemical experiments, solve many intellectual puzzles, will have to be smart and the basics of engineering. During the game, it will become clear to the children that if you show diligence in learning, then knowledge and science can work miracles. For children 9 to 14 years.

3. Quest mafia. Chicago, the 20s of the last century. The mafia boss has lost the code from his safe and the little mafia should conduct a conductive investigation and help him find the code. During the investigation, the guys will be able to become real mafiosi. For children 7 to 12 y.o.

4. The Templars against the assassins: The apple of discord. Medieval East. To find an apple of discord is the dream of all the Templars and Assassins. After all, with its help you can control the world, start and end wars, pacify peoples. The Templars want peace, the assassins want a bloody harvest. But in our case, children can get ahead of them and become the first in this exciting adventure. On the way they are waiting for difficult logical puzzles, interesting games, and secret tasks. If they succeed, they will become members of the secret Order of the Guardians. For children 7 to 14 y.o.

5. Pirates: Treasures of the Black Pearl. 1698, Tortuga. The young pirate team gets part of Captain Flint’s map and the task of finding the rest of the map. Passing various tests, the guys can not only feel like real pirates, but also learn many interesting facts about the life of sailors and adventurers. For children 7 to 14 y.o.

6. Tournament: Assassins against the Templars. Middle Ages, Spain. Assassins and Templars fought for millennia … And regularly every 100 years they organized a tournament in which they attracted new associates. We are waiting for the battle of two teams (test of the forces of dexterity and ingenuity.) Under the leadership of the assassin and the Templar, the children will compete with each other. Who will win this time? To children 9 till 14 y.o.

7. Sherlock Holmes: The Secret of the Chess King. 1872, London dungeons and apartment on Baker Street. Young detectives have to help Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson solve a mysterious crime. Only their observation ability, deductive abilities and ingenuity will help them find the criminal. During the quest, they will learn many secrets of forensics and detective craft. For children 10 to 14 y.o.


Quest based on a child’s favorite fairy tale or fictional story, accompanied by fairy-tale characters

8. Alice in Wonderland. The guys will go to the magical rabbit hole, where they will get a tea party at the Mad Hatter and help the White Rabbit find the Cheshire Cat on the orders of the Red Queen. They are waiting for amazing games, tasks and adventures. Meeting with the Red Queen will give them the opportunity to end the holiday with a small, fun disco. For children 7 to 14 y.o.

9.School of magic, based on Harry Potter. Young wizards, once in the School of Magic, are involved in an amazing adventure. They need to quickly learn the various secrets of magic and find the lost magic crystals that protect the School of Magic from the evil power of the Demenors. In the quest program, children are presented with many magical trials, Quidditch and survival with the monster Dementor. For children 8 to 12 y.o.

10. Haunted House (room of fear.) The team of ghostbusters will go down to a strange basement and solve the riddle of the anomaly that arose in this place. For some strange circumstances, the portal between the worlds was open, ghosts and monsters settled in this place. Solving all the riddles and closing the portal is the challenge for the brave ghostbusters. The game is designed not only for children, but also for family members. Please note that this is light version for kids, but anyway it is a room of fear … Discuss with your child his desire to go on such an adventure. For children 9 to 14 y.o.

11. Lord of the Rings: Moriah Dungeon. A place where dwarves once lived. But they woke the ancient Barlog and the place was empty. Now only orcs reign there and few brave heroes dwell here. Little brave hobbits must go to this mysterious dungeon world and find the elven princess necklace. If they succeed in returning him, they will be knighted for the Order of the Secret Fire. For children from 8 to 14 years.

12. The Wizard of the Emerald City – How will Kelly and Toto get home from the Wizarding Land, where did they end up with a magical hurricane? In many adventures, along with the Lumberjack, the Cowardly Lion and the Scarecrow, the children will find the qualities necessary for the heroes and help Kelly return home. For children from 7 to 12 years old.

13. School of Vampire Hunters. Children will fall into the wonderful world of Supernatural beings and will learn to defeat monsters. To do this, you will need to learn a lot of arts, including alchemy, magic and fencing. For children 7 to 14 y.o.

14. Winnie the Pooh. for babies from 3 to 5 years. Fun games in the company of Winnie and his friends. Children will help a cheerful little bear find honey and learn how to do good deeds.

15. Minions – for children from 3 to 5 years. In the company of two funny minions, the children will have a wonderful time, learn to sing the song of the minions and find the missing Kyle (dog Grew).

Additionally, children’s face painting is available for the selected topics.

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